Designed, Played and Approved by a Pro

McDowell Mountain Golf Club

There are many reasons we love McDowell Mountain Golf Club. In honor of our new website that will launch on the 15th, we have compiled 15 reasons we love #MMGC!

As some of you may know, in 2011 McDowell Mountain Golf Club , formally Sanctuary, acquired new owners bringing on pro golfer Phil Mickelson as manager of operations. With these changes came a new vision for MMGC and has since with gone huge renovations  in both the golf course and club house.

McDowell Mountain Golf Club now provides a place that has been approved by a pro and gives many opportunities to play among the best in the sport.

Mickelson and Steve Loy, his former golf coach at Arizona State  and course co-owner decided that major changes were necessary for the success of the golf course. These included a new club house and a redesign of the course in order to push playability factors.

“We wanted to make it more playable, enjoyable and visually stimulating, and to give families an affordable place to play golf,” said Mickelson.

Three years ago, in early October, the brand new McDowell Mountain Golf Club reopened. In The course increased from 72 to 80 acres and many bunkers were removed and walls were added due to complains to lost balls to the Arizona’s desert brush. Furthermore the course was designed to provide a challenge for better golfers while still providing easier options for beginners.

Along with these changes came a new price range that is affordable for the whole family.  McDowell Mountain has always been a hidden gem of breathtaking views and it now provides a course that compliments those aspects.

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