How Close Do I Stand To The Golf Ball?

john By:  John Burns

Many golfers lack consistency with their ball striking because they are improperly aligned with the golf ball. Specifically, I am referring to the distance between them and the ball.  So how do you know if you have correct spacing? The answer: feel your feet.  And no I don’t mean literally touch them but you have to feel what they’re telling you in terms of balance.  For example, if you stand too far from the ball you will have to reach for it therefore causing your balance to be on your toes.  On the other hand, if you stand too close to the ball, your arms will settle close to your body which gives little room for operation.  In this case, the tendency is to sit back on the heels because it creates room to swing.  Your balance should be on the balls of your feet which will allow your arms to hang loosely, straight down from your shoulders.  The next time you practice imagine your feet are a pair of rocking chairs.  Without a golf ball in front of you take your stance position and rock your feet back to your heels, and then rock towards your toes, and then find the middle point where your balance feels just right.  This is how you should feel with the golf ball in front of you.  Comfortable, balanced, and ready to make a swing!



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