Too many Bridesmaids: A solution

Too Many Bridesmaids, Not Enough Groomsmen

The “27 Dresses Situation”

So how many bridesmaids is too many… 5, 10, 15, 27? Twenty-Seven might be a tad excessive, but if that’s what makes you happy, do it! There is no right or wrong number for bridesmaids. Remember this is your day and you’re pretty lucky to have such a large group of friends. Whether you are looking to shorten your list but don’t know how to narrow it down, or you are looking for creative ways to include all your friends without being “that bride”, this article will help you determine what to do next. Things can get pretty overwhelming, and we understand that you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

1) First, Don’t Jump The Gun

We get that this is one of the most exciting times of your life, and your natural reaction when your loved one pops the question, is to tell everyone! It’s ok to be excited, you should be! Spread the word, but don’t get yourself in an awkward situation. We’ve seen brides get too caught up in the moment and later regret asking too many friends to be their bridesmaid. Take your time when deciding who will be your bridesmaids. First consider who your closest family/ friends are, and be mindful of your fiancés thoughts. Who knows, he might feel very strongly about a small wedding while you’re inviting 15 girls to be your bridesmaids.


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2)  The Ceremony: Too Many Bridesmaids, not enough Groomsmen

Having a large wedding party is just fine, but it can get crowded and many brides fee that having an uneven number of grooms to bridesmaids is weird or distracting. If you can’t narrow down your list and have 10 bridesmaids, so be it. Consider having your bridesmaids walk into the ceremony and sit in the first pew. This is a solution where everyone gets to be in your wedding and it doesn’t get too crowded. Don’t worry about symmetry if there are more bridesmaids than groomsmen. Have a groomsman walk down two bridesmaids at a time…. I’m sure he won’t mind!


Wedding Ceremony Setup for too many bridesmaides

3) Consider Your Budget & Theirs

Keep in mind that with more guests, come more fees. Things add up pretty fast when you are paying for bridesmaid gifts, flowers, and the rehearsal dinner. If you have a large bridesmaid’s party, it has become more common for bridesmaids to pay for their own dress. However, you want to be considerate of your friends/families budgets. A solution is to pick a color pallet for the wedding and allow your bridesmaids to mix and match dresses. Your bridesmaids will all have their own personal style, body type, and budget. This is a win-win situation, allowing your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and happy.


letting your bridesmaids pick their own dresses

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4) Have a Head Area, vs Head Table

Don’t create head tables. This will save you time and unnecessary awkwardness. This way your bridesmaids who have husbands and kids can sit with them during the reception. Instead, create a “head area” where you and your groom sit at one table and your wedding party sits nearby. This makes everyone feel more included. There are a lot of ways you can set this arrangement up and will depend on the size and layout of your venue.

Alternative to the traditional head table at weddings

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5) Pictures

Having too many bridesmaids can result in odd looking photos, especially in the traditional church setting. If you have a lot of bridesmaids or your wedding parties are uneven, have a set time before your wedding ceremony to take pictures with your bridesmaids & Groomsmen. Then, during the reception, a photographer can take pictures of you with your family and close friends. This will avoid lopsided ceremony photos.

wedding photos with a large wedding party

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6) Redefine the Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties traditionally consist of the bride and bridesmaids. If you are having a traditional wedding and have limited your list due to too many bridesmaids and you don’t want to leave your friends out, don’t leave them out! Who made these rules anyway? Invite all your friends, whether they are officially bridesmaids or not.

Can I invite non-bridal party friends to my bachelorette party?

7) Get Everyone Involved

If your friends/family wanted to be involved on your special day, but are not bridesmaids give them a small day-of tasks, a reading during the ceremony or a toast/special presentation during the reception. It’s always great feeling to be able to help someone during their special milestones in life. It helps make the time extra memorable.

assigning roles to friends for your wedding

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Have you or someone you know come up with other ways to avoid the “27 Dresses” situation? Let us know in the comments!



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