Discover the ultimate golfing companion. From the comfort of your device, effortlessly book tee times at any of our renowned Arcis public golf courses across the country. With the new Arcis Golf App, your golfing experience is about to tee off to new heights.

RESERVE A TEE TIME AT ANY ARCIS COURSE: Say goodbye to wait times and hello to swift bookings.
ON COURSE GPS: Chart your course and perfect every shot.
ANNOUNCEMENTS AND NOTIFICATIONS: Stay in the loop with real-time updates, offers, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to commonly asked questions about the new Arcis Golf App

If you have the old app, the new app will automatically update on your device.  You will need to setup a login for the new app, and you will also need to login to the booking engine. 

Download the new app by searching Arcis Golf in either the Apple APP store or the Google Play store.  Once you have downloaded the app you will need to setup your app login information and also create a login to the tee time booking engine. 

The new app provides easy, convenient access to book tee times at any of our courses across the country.  It also have a built in GPS system for on-course play, a scorecard and a section for announcements and information. 

Yes, this is version 1 of the app.  In the near future we will be updating with more functionality and features for both your on-course and off-course enjoyment.

We have several options to help you with the new app.  The staff at each of our courses can assist you in person.  Additionally, you can click the “Can We Help?” button on the left side of this page and send us an email and we will contact you.  Finally, we offer a “live chat” feature during certain days and times – if a “LIVE CHAT” button appears on the bottom right of this page you can click on that to receive help in a matter of minutes. 

New Arcis Golf App


Step by Step Instructions


Locate the Arcis App on Your Home Screen.



You must sign up and create an account on the app, even if you are an existing app user.


Create Your Account


Once you are logged in you will see all of the Arcis Courses arranged by Region.


Just select the course you wish to book your reservation at by clicking Reserve Tee Time


View all available tee times

If you are an Arcis Players' Club or Prime Member you will see those options as well.


When you are booking a tee time, you will need to also login to the tee time booking engine. After you do this the first time you will remain logged in and will not need to repeat this login.

If you can’t remember your username or password, please use this link to receive your username or reset your password.


You will receive an email with a one time password that will allow you to login to your account.


Login using the one time password


Once you are logged in you will be prompted to change your password.


Now that you are logged in you can select and book your tee time


Review your booking
If all is correct, click finish reservation

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